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Hope Scripture Guide Framed Gift 7" X 9"
Item# 68MB-220
Retail Price: $15.00

Hope Scripture Guide Framed Gift 7" X 9"
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Hope Scripture Guide Framed Gift
Frame 7" x 9" Inside 6" X 8"
Solid Core Dark Walnut Frame
Beveled-cut Grooved mat
With Easel Back for Standing
Made in USA

UPC 741356990996

Hope given in Godís word is values to hold.
Be reminded daily of the HOPE in the Scriptures
that give us our joy and encouragement.

Put your HOPE in God
My HOPE is in you all day long
I have put my HOPE in your word
Rejoice in HOPE of the glory of God
And HOPE does not disappoint us
But HOPE that is seen is not HOPE
Now the HOPE of God fill you
Christ in you, theHOPE of glory